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Whenever I visit friends and relatives in Melbourne in South Eastern Australia, I like to spend some


Written Butchella, Badjala, Badjula, Badjela, Bajellah, Badtjala and Budjilla are

an Aboriginal Australian people of K'gari, Queensland, and a small area of the nearby

mainland of southern Queensland.

K'gari's abundance of fish resources made it rank, with the Kaiadilt homeland of Bentinck Island, as one of the two most densely populated areas on the Australian continent.
The peoples of K'gari were generally classified into three distinct units: Ngulungbara, Butchulla and Dulingbara, each composed of several clan groups, and, altogether, making up 19 subgroups.The Ngulungbara were in the northern sector, the Butchulla in the strict sense occupied the middle of the island, while the Dulingbara lay south. The Dulingbara and Ngulungbara claimed a separate, distinct tribal status.

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